Enterprise Blockchain Competence Centers

We Need More Enterprise Blockchain Adoption.

We are building a worldwide network of Blockchain Academies and Blockchain  Competence Centers  to spread this  decentralized open-source technologies to Universities, Enterprises, and Governments.

Let’s change the world together.


The problem

How can  spread  blockchain technology to the enterprise, university  and government sector?

Hi, I am Michael  a CTO and  I am afraid of Open Source

Behind every Open Source initiative success within the Enterprise, University, and Government sector, there has always been a great support organization. Think about the Red Hat Linux story.

  • Tendermint (BFT consensus)
  • IBC (interoperability Protocol)
  • Cosmos (Blockchain Framework)
  • Ethermint (Ethereum+Tendermint)
  • Commercio.network (eID, eSignature, eDelivery)

All these technologies are able to solve real-life problems… TODAY.

The Solution

We need to create a worldwide enterprise-level  Blockchain organization network


Purchase  the books to learn the Skills to become a to become a Cosmos Certified  Consultant or a Cosmos Certified


Get in touch with us to access our  developer talent pool or to become a Cosmos Certified Developer


Get in touch with us to access our Consultant  talent pool or to become a Cosmos Certified  Consultant

The Books

We published two Cosmos Blockchain books dedicated to the business consulting side and the Development side 


Why focus on Third Generation Blockchain Technology ?



Horizontal Scalability is the only possible option for mass adoption


Proof of stake tech is the only GREEN alternative to power hungry Proof of work


We need a Web of Blockchains working together not a single “mainframe” blockchain

Why Join Cosmos Enterprise ? 

We are the Cosmos Enterprise  Blockchain community  you will get these benefits by joining our Organization


More Educational Materials

Promote the adoption of  Blockchain Technology by publishing textbooks  to foster solid projects

Bigger Talent Pool

Increase  the worldwide Blockchain developers resource pool by Training and Certifying University students

Wider Enterprise Awareness

Promoting Blockchain application development  with web seminars and special online events.

Providing  Consulting and  Support

Enabling Blockchain adoption  by providing  the indispensable Consulting and Support

The Cosmos Enterprise  Timeline

Two years plan to bring the project to fruition

Q1 -2020

Project launch

We started after receiving  funding and support from our Sponsors : ICF , Commerc.io srl and Commercio Consortium

Q1 -2021

Blockchain Training Books

We published Two Books  to help to become a Cosmos Blockchain Developer or a Cosmos Blockchain Consultant


Blockchain Academy Centers

This program  promotes collaboration between Universities and Companies with the purpose to create a bigger  resource pool focused on the Cosmos Ecosystem.


Blockchain Competence Centers

This program is  dedicated to the support  of business ideas for startups, private and public sector companies through a network of consulting and support organizations


Online Enterprise Events

This marketing program  will be focused  to promote  Cosmos Ecosystem to the enterprise, Universities  and government sectors  with 1-to-1 online meetings  and Online webinars

The Blockchain Academy Center

We reach Universities to forge the future Cosmos Ecosystem  talent pool

Training materials

We  have published a Cosmos Ecosystem development TextBook
A book to learn how to build Blockchain projects. Aimed at developers at all levels.


Reach IT department heads
We  connect with IT department heads that share our decentralization vision  within  the major universities


Create Student/Companies POCs
The program objective will be dedicated to promoting Cosmos through the collaboration with University students and companies with an internship program focused on developing POC projects

Enterprise HackAtom

Eat. code seep, share
(After Covid-19) We will host a HackAtom Events to further spread Cosmos Ecosystem adoption and motivate university students to achieve proficiency in Golang.


Blockchain Courses
Reach out to IT department heads and help them plan experimental Blockchain Courses Sponsored by us.

Solution Adoption

Large Projects
With our direct Consulting and support we will Reach, Plan, Manage and Deliver large blockchain projects


The Blockchain Competence Center

We reach, inspire and help Companies Universities and Governments  to adopt the Blockchain technologies




Blockchain Certification

Target: University, ISV and Developers
This program is dedicated to the support and Certification  of Developers  with the purpose to increase the use of Cosmos Ecosystem talent pool to create innovative market solutions




Blockchain Awareness

Target: startups, enterprises, and Governments
We host Workshops and Webinars on Blockchain Topics.
We Organize 1–to-1 meetings and online webinars targeted at companies to further spread Blockchain adoption.




Blockchain Consulting

Target: Enterprises, Universities, and Governments
Help organizations with advice and guidance throughout the planning, designing, and managing  Agile Blockchain Development projects

● Problem/Solution Fit
● Business Model
● User Stories
● Architecture Design
● UX Design
● Agile Development



Blockchain Support

Target: Enterprises, Universities, and Governments
Help organizations with advice and guidance throughout the development process of Blockchain Projects

● Support
● Installation
● Developer tools setup
● Developer tools Usage
● Genesis file Configuration
● Diagnosis
● Bug reporting

Our Sponsors

The Organizations that Sponsored our Initiative

Commerc.io Srl 

The creators of the Commercio.network project born in 2018.
Lead by:

  • Enrico Talin CEO
  • Davide Coletto CTO
  • Egidio Casati ADVISOR
  • Alessio Treglia ADVISOR

InterChain Foundation

The Foundation Behind the Cosmos Ecosystem
Lead by:

  • Jae Kwon, President
  • Ethan Buchman, Vice-President
  • Pascal Schmid, Council Member


The  group of 40 consortium members companies  managing the commercio.network validator nodes  born in 2019.

  • Silvia Rachela, President


The Future

We need to create an enterprise-level support Network to spread the adoption of the Blockchain Technology. We are convinced (and we put our stake on it) that Cosmos.network  can be adopted by real customers if properly supported.

We need to create a Network of  Companies to spread the adoption of decentralized open source technologies in the enterprise, university, and government sectors.

The first network of  Academy and Support centers is  based in  the SEMEA (South Europe Middle East Africa) economic area. We would like to replicate this effort in other regions 



(South Europe Middle East Africa)


(rest of EU and UK)


(Russia and post-Soviet nations)


(Asia and Pacific)


(Usa Canada and Mexico)


(Latin America)